Thermotex Platinum Heating Pad

Thermotex Platinum Heating Pad - 219.00. with free prioriity mail shipping. California residents pay 8.25% sales tax.

The Thermotex Platinum Pad is totally flexible and can be folded so that it fits around most parts of the body for treatment with healing infrared heat. Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide and its 2 audio CDs and Boyle Endorphin Releasing Massage Therapy and its 2 instructional DVDs are included for free with purchase.

In just minutes, my Thermotex Infrared Heating Pad eliminates muscle spasms in my back and reduces the pain. I recommend the Platinum Pad for its flexibility to treat pain in any part of the body and for any member of the family, safely and quickly. Robert Miller, Author, Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide

Thermotex Platinum Heating Pad
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